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Tuesday, 18 January 2022 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal


DeSpace Protocol is a new breath of the DeFi industry supporting multi-layer tokens and NFT cards, combining governance, redesigned Yield Farming, and NFT Mining features in one protocol. The goal of the project is to create a stable, intuitive, and secure system in the DeFi industry for every user, as well as to create value for our NFT cards in our ecosystem.

DeSpace协议是DeFi行业的一个新尝试,支持多层令牌和NFT卡,将治理、重新设计的Yield Farming和NFT Mining功能结合在一个协议中。该项目的目标是在DeFi领域创建一个稳定、简洁和安全的系统,同时在我们的生在系统中为NFT卡创造价值。

NFTs without any ecosystem can be only used in resale on secondary markets. Micky Irons, Chief Marketing Officer, DeSpace Protocol, said "Through these collaborations, we're going to bring DeSpace to more than 80 million people inside various fan communities around the world. Movie stars, musicians, and other popular content creators are among those developing NFTs with DeSpace and promoting the platform to their audiences."

没有任何生态系统的NFT只能用于二级市场的转售。DeSpace Protocol的首席营销官Micky Irons说:“通过这些合作,我们将把DeSpace带给世界各地不同社区的8000多万粉丝。电影明星、音乐家和其他受欢迎的内容创造者都在使用DeSpace开发NFT,并向他们的粉丝推广该平台。”

CEO and Co-Founder of DeSpace, Obasi Francis "We're going to ensure our new celebrity partners get the full DeSpace treatment: we'll help produce and mint highly collectible NFTs, offered exclusively through our NFT pads. These unique NFTs offer fans and collectors alike a chance to own a piece of history: each asset is the result of close collaboration with the celebrity it represents."

DeSpace的CEO兼任联合创始人奥巴西·弗朗西斯说道“我们将确保我们的新明星合作伙伴得到DeSpace全面的帮助:我们将帮助生产和铸造具有高收藏价值的NFT,且仅通过我们的NFT pads提供。这些独特的NFT为粉丝和收藏者提供了拥有历史的机会:每一项资产都是与其所代表的名人密切合作的结果。”

DeSpace Protocol creates an ecosystem that values our NFT cards (you can increase your farming income with our NFTs, each NFT has different power, which means that every card will add more interest to your farming). The system works on the principle of layers analogous to layers of a solar system. Each new layer will complement the preceding layer, simultaneously revealing unknown and latent elements in the prior layers, thereby complementing each other.


N be considered as a separate universe and functions independently of the other layers.


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