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2021 年 10 月 9 日,Revuto团队做客龙葵社区,与我们大家一起分享的嘉宾是Revuto CEO Vedran Vukman


2021 年 10 月 9 日,Revuto团队做客龙葵社区,与我们大家一起分享的嘉宾是Revuto CEO Vedran Vukman,AMA 主题:Revuto - 基于Cardano的一站式订阅支付管理平台

以下是本次 AMA 直播内容:

1. 欢迎Vedran Vukman来到龙葵社区,首先可以为大家介绍下您和您的团队嘛?

Hello Vedran Vukman, welcome to the Sunrise Dragon community. Can you first introduce yourself and your team?

Sure! I’m CEO and founder of Revuto, an app built on Cardano blockchain to helpm people manage and pay for their subscriptions while leveraging subscription payments with crypto and Defi services. In the core team behind the project are Josipa Majic (strategy and communications) and Marko Rukonic (CTO). Together, we’re a team of very experienced industry experts who met in Silicon Valley 3 years ago. Just as an example how good match for the project we’re, Marko has more than 25 peer-reviewed patents that were published in most prestige AI magazines in the world regarding classification of financial transactions and credit scoring.

 大家好! 我是 Revuto 的首席执行官兼创始人,这是一款基于 Cardano 区块链构建的应用程序,可帮助人们管理和支付订阅费用,同时利用加密和 Defi 服务进行订阅付款。 该项目背后的核心团队是 Josipa Majic(战略和沟通)和 Marko Rukonic(CTO)。 我们是一个由 3 年前在硅谷相识的非常有经验的行业专家组成的团队。 举个例子,Marko 拥有超过 25 项经过同行评审的专利,这些专利发表在世界上大多数著名的 AI 杂志上,涉及金融交易分类和信用评分。

这是我在微信上第一次参加 AMA ,也是第一个在中国的 AMA 。

2. 接下来我们想了解一下Revuto项目,能为我们讲解一下嘛?

Next, we want to learn about the Revuto project, can you tell us more about the project?

Revuto is an active subscription management service which is built with a goal to help people save their money on numerous subscriptions they’re paying every month. The fact that subscription business is growing 100% year over year means that soon you’ll be buying everything on subscription. As a result, people are already losing track of to whom, with what, how much and when they’re paying. Additionally, they’re falling into the, so called, free-trial traps, and by forgetting to unsubscribe or don’t knowing how to unsubscribe, they’re losing money every month. Revuto is here to help people avoid those situations, but at the same time, by introducing crypto and Defi services to subscription payments, the end goal is to save them money as much as possible.

 Revuto 是一项主动订阅管理服务,旨在帮助人们节省每月支付的大量订阅费用。 订阅业务正以 100% 的速度逐年增长,这一事实意味着您很快就会通过订阅购买所有商品。 结果,人们已经忘记了向谁付款、用什么付款、支付了多少以及何时付款。 此外,他们陷入所谓的免费试用陷阱,由于忘记退订或不知道如何退订,他们每个月都在赔钱。 Revuto 是来帮助人们避免这些情况的,但与此同时,通过将加密和 Defi 服务引入订阅支付,最终目标是尽可能地为他们省钱。



3. Revuto目前是只准备在Cardano(ADA)部署,后面会在eth主网,bsc链,xdai链有动作吗?

Revuto is currently only going to be deployed in Cardano (ADA). Will there be actions on the eth mainnet, bsc chain, and xdai chain later?

At the moment, we’re focusing on the Cardano ecosystem, and we don’t have a plan to build the same service on other blockchains. Still, that doesn’t mean that in the future Revuto won’t support other crypto currencies for topping up Revuto Virtual Debit Cards and for paying subscription payments.

 目前,我们专注于 Cardano 生态系统,我们没有计划在其他区块链上构建相同的服务。 尽管如此,这并不意味着将来 Revuto 将不支持其他加密货币来充值 Revuto 虚拟借记卡和支付订阅费用。


4. 能否具体给我们分享下关于Revuto 钱包 、Revuto DApp、Revuto DeFi等应用吗?

Can you share with us specifically about Revuto Wallet, Revuto DApp, Revuto DeFi and other applications?

Revuto is a unique because it’s offering its users to easily Block, Snooze (postpone) or Approve any subscription charge as it occurs. The setup is preventing any service provider from charging you unless you decide so, even in the situation if you forgot to unsubscribe before free trial ends. Additionally, no other subscription management service is allowing its users to leverage crypto and Defi with subscription payments. Crypto and Defi setups allow Revuto users to put their money work for them and to profit (pay less for their subscriptions than they would pay them with their FIAT money). Revuto wallet is a custom-built wallet, the first native wallet for the mobile devices allowing users to manage their ADA, REVU, and other Cardano native assets in the future. Also, it allows users to stake (lock) their REVU in different Defi protocols to earn yield (profit).

  Revuto 是独一无二的,因为它让用户可以轻松地阻止、暂停(推迟)或批准发生的任何订阅费用。 该设置会阻止任何服务提供商向您收费,除非您决定这样做,即使在您忘记在免费试用结束前取消订阅的情况下也是如此。 此外,没有其他订阅管理服务允许其用户通过订阅付款来利用加密和 Defi。 Crypto 和 Defi 设置允许 Revuto 用户将他们的钱用于他们并从中获利(他们为订阅支付的费用少于他们用法定货币支付的费用)。 Revuto 钱包是一个定制钱包,是第一个用于移动设备的原生钱包,允许用户在未来管理他们的 ADA、REVU 和其他 Cardano 原生资产。 此外,它允许用户在不同的 Defi 协议中抵押(锁定)他们的 REVU 以赚取收益(利润)。


5. Revuto 推出 200 万美元基金R Fund,主要用于哪些方面,它将发挥着什么样的作用?

Revuto launched the $2 million fund R Fund. What are the main uses and what role will it play?

After we announced our extensive roadmap (plans) and we successfully raised 10M USD through our ICO, we realized it wouldn’t be possible to build everything we want or what we promised by ourselves. By doing so, we decided to launch a 2M USD R Fund to find pre-ICO projects we could partner with, the projects building products aligned with our roadmap, and in general, promising projects on Cardano to which we could help by investing in them our time and money. In short, the end goal of the setup with helping other promising projects grow is to become one of the biggest creators on the Cardano blockchain. But still, alongside Revuto, REVU token holders we’ll be the ones providing funding for the R Fund to earn profits (YIELD) by doing so. It’s a win-win-win setup.

在我们宣布了广泛的路线图(计划)并通过我们的 ICO 成功筹集了 1000 万美元之后,我们意识到不可能构建我们想要的一切或我们自己承诺的东西。 通过这样做,我们决定启动一个 200 万美元的 R 基金来寻找我们可以合作的 pre-ICO 项目,这些项目构建符合我们路线图的产品,以及一般而言,我们可以通过投资来帮助 Cardano 上有前途的项目 我们的时间和金钱。 简而言之,帮助其他有前途的项目发展的设置的最终目标是成为卡尔达诺区块链上最大的创造者之一。 但是,与 Revuto 和 REVU 代币持有者一起,我们将为 R Fund 提供资金以通过这样做来赚取利润 (YIELD)。 这是双赢的。


6. Revuto的代币REVU是如何分配的,有上线计划吗,持有代币的用户能够用它去做些什么呢?

How is Revuto's token REVU distributed, is there a plan to go online, and what can users who hold the token do with it?

REVU token distribution is setup to achieve full decentralization withih 4 years after the ICO. 32% of the token supply were reserved for the Revuto Token Sale (investors), 53% for the project and 15% for the team and its advisors. Soon we’ll start releasing the first tokens to our investors which they’ll be able to trade on tier1 exchanges. Only a small portion of the total supply will be released so with the tokenomics we have, the price of REVU should rise fast. To those already holding REVU and to all future token holders, we’d advise them hodl their REVU and stake them in Defi setups what will allow them to maximize their profits.

 REVU 代币分配旨在在 ICO 后 4 年内实现完全去中心化。 32% 的代币供应保留给 Revuto 代币销售(投资者),53% 用于项目,15% 用于团队及其顾问。 很快,我们将开始向我们的投资者发布第一批代币,他们将能够在 tier1 交易所进行交易。 只有一小部分总供应量将被释放,因此根据我们拥有的代币经济,REVU 的价格应该会快速上涨。 对于那些已经持有 REVU 的人和所有未来的代币持有者,我们建议他们持有他们的 REVU 并将其抵押在 Defi 设置中,这将使他们的利润最大化。

7. 社区小伙伴们最关心的问题就是将如何获得REVU代币,Revuto是否会在社区进行活动计划,让社区用户都能参与到Revuto中?

The most concerned issue of community friends is how to obtain REVU tokens. Will Revuto plan activities in the community so that community users can participate in Revuto?

In recent month Revuto gained tremendous attentionwhat has resulted with more than 2.5M early signups for the app and more than 200K already registered (KYCed) users. With Revuto Referral program we’re still incentivizing user acquisition but also exclusiveness. That means, only referred friends can register to the app and earn rewards in REVU by doing so. Also, with Revuto Referral Program, every user has an opportunity to earn a passive income in REVU for a lifetime if their referred friends register with Revuto and use it for paying their subscriptions.

 最近一个月,Revuto 获得了极大的关注,导致该应用程序的早期注册超过 250 万,并且已经注册 (KYCed) 用户超过 20 万。 通过 Revuto 推荐计划,我们仍在激励用户获取和排他性。 这意味着,只有被推荐的朋友才能注册到应用程序并通过这样做在 REVU 中获得奖励。 此外,通过 Revuto 推荐计划,如果他们推荐的朋友在 Revuto 注册并使用它来支付订阅费用,那么每个用户都有机会在 REVU 中获得终生的被动收入


8. Revuto会以哪些方式来吸引投资者和用户的关注?

In what ways will Revuto attract the attention of investors and users?

That’s an easy one. By providing a useful and money saving service that’ actually solving a real-world problem is something what should attract any token investor and more importantly, new user. Additionally, we built a sustainable business model that will work regardless of the crypto market sentiment. That means that although we’re a crypto related project, Revutos business model will work even if the crypto market crashes because subscription charges won’t stop coming and users will need to pay for them somehow.

 这是一件容易的事。 通过提供实用且省钱的服务,实际解决现实世界的问题,应该能够吸引任何代币投资者,更重要的是吸引新用户。 此外,我们建立了一个可持续的商业模式,无论加密货币市场情绪如何,该模式都将有效。 这意味着,尽管我们是一个与加密相关的项目,但即使加密市场崩溃,Revutos 商业模式也能奏效,因为订阅费用不会停止,用户需要以某种方式支付费用。


9. 上面的内容我们提及到Revuto 钱包 、Revuto DApp、Revuto DeFi等,那么Revuto将如何来保障用户使用的安全性?

In the above content, we mentioned Revuto Wallet, Revuto DApp, Revuto DeFi, etc. How will Revuto ensure the safety of users?

For the start, we build a non-custodial wallet what means our users will hold their own private keys and will be in charge of their own funds. Additionally, everything is built on Cardano, a 3rd generation blockchain offering very fast, cheap and secure transactions. Lastly, we’re working with banking, card acquiring and issuing partners which are regulated and licensed to provide their services.

 首先,我们构建了一个非托管钱包,这意味着我们的用户将拥有自己的私钥并管理自己的资金。 此外,一切都建立在 Cardano 之上,这是第三代区块链,提供非常快速、廉价和安全的交易。 最后,我们正在与受监管和许可提供服务的银行、收单和发卡合作伙伴合作。


10. 最后请分享一下evuto的未来规划是怎么样的?

Finally, please share what is the future plan of evuto?

On a short term, we’re setting up Revuto to release first REVU int circulating supply and to provide REVU token holders liquidity. In that regard, soon you can expect many exchanges to list REVU tokens. In November we’ll release an app update what will allow our users to use Revuto Virtual Debit Cards and top them with REVU to control and pay their subscriptions with. Defi setups for gaining additional REVU by staking them in different DEFI setups will come by the end of the year. Alongside that, Revuto will be announcing its investments in other Cardano projects with the first one coming in December. All the above should secure REVU token holders an opportunity to profit.

短期内,我们正在设立 Revuto 以发布第一个 REVU int 流通供应并为 REVU 代币持有者提供流动性。 在这方面,很快您就可以期待许多交易所上架 REVU 代币。 11 月,我们将发布应用更新,让我们的用户可以使用 Revuto 虚拟借记卡,并使用 REVU 来控制和支付订阅费用。 通过将它们放在不同的 DEFI 设置中来获得额外 REVU 的 Defi 设置将在今年年底推出。 除此之外,Revuto 将宣布其对其他卡尔达诺项目的投资,第一个项目将于 12 月推出。 以上所有措施都应确保 REVU 代币持有者有机会获利。

最后感谢Vedran Vukman来到龙葵社区,希望未来的Revuto更加强大!

以上便是本次 AMA 的所有内容,如果你还有任何其他疑惑和见解,欢迎加入我们的社群,同时感谢以下各大媒体们的大力支持。


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