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6月15日晚七点,DeFi七点钟社区迎来第111期嘉宾AMr Parrot,Parrot核心开发者,分享主题:打通DeFi资产间壁垒探寻Parrot如何聚合以太坊流动性token与Solana生态应用

6月15日晚七点,DeFi七点钟社区迎来第111期嘉宾AMr Parrot,Parrot核心开发者,分享主题:打通DeFi资产间壁垒探寻Parrot如何聚合以太坊流动性token与Solana生态应用






Q1: Welcome Mr Parrot for the first time to 7 O’Clock as our guest. First of all, let Mr Parrot do a brief introduction to Parrot, as well as its emerging background and its future vision?

1. 欢迎 Mr Parrot 第一次做客七点钟社区~首先请 Mr Parrot 对 Parrot 项目做一个简单的介绍吧,它的诞生背景和愿景是什么?

The Parrot protocol is building a suite of DeFi products on top of LP collaterals. The idea is that more and more value will be locked in ETH, but because of costs, actual use cases will migrate to a faster & cheaper chain.

Parrot Protocol 在LP抵押品的基础上构建了一系列DeFi产品。虽然越来越多的价值将会锁定在以太坊上,但是由于成本过高的原因,更多应用实际上会迁移到一条更快更便宜的链上,因此我们就产生了开发这样一个产品的想法。

Using LP tokens to bridge value from ETH to another chain makes sense, because the LP tokens are productive capital doing something useful, and making yield. In contrast, bridging native ETH would require you to lock the ETH up, which does absolutely nothing.

由于LP token 是可以产生收益的资产,通过LP token 实现以太坊与其他公链的桥接是可行的。反过来,目前桥接原生以太坊链的方式是通过锁仓以太坊,而这是毫无意义的。

Our first product will be a stablecoin called PAI, focusing our TVL growth by migrating LP tokens from L1 to Solana.Our second product will be a non-custodial lending market.Our third product will be a leverage trading platform based on vAMM.

我们首发的产品是一个稳定币叫做PAI,通过将LP token 从L1迁移到Solana实现TVL的增长,随后我们将会开放非托管借贷市场,以及基于vAMM的杠杆交易平台。

Q2: Parrot has always been attracting preferences from numerous investment institutes. Could you share with us the financing process at present?

Q2. Parrot 一直以来都获得了不少投资机构的关注,可以和我们分享一下当前的进展吗?

We have closed our seed rounds, and will be making an announcement regarding it soon.We are super grateful to have received the support of the Solana Foundation Grant to kickstart our project. Without the help from the Solana team, we wouldn’t be here today.


Q3: There is a feature of Parrot which allows the users to pledge their assets. Talking about pledging platforms, many people will firstly be reminded of Maker, which is an automatic pledge loan platform on Ethereum. So what are the main similarities and differences between Parrot and Maker?

Parrot 有一个功能允许用户进行资产抵押,谈到抵押平台,可能很多人首先会想到以太坊上自动化抵押贷款平台 Maker ,那么 Parrot 和 Maker 相比有什么相同的地方,又有什么差异化区别呢?

The Parrot team has tons of respect for Maker DAO. We also believe that collateralization is a solid bedrock to build a stablecoin. However, Maker can be thought of as DeFi 1.0, it came into existence before many DeFi primitives we take for granted today existed. The possibility that staked collaterals could earn yields just didn’t exist.

Parrot团队对MakerDAO所取得的成就致以诚挚的敬意,与此同时,我们坚信债务的扩张是建立一个稳定币体系的坚实基础。Maker可以视为是DeFi 1.0的产物,早在现在琳琅满目的DeFi产品问世之前就已存在。而能够让用户质押的抵押品再次产生收益的产品尚未出现。

Being an old and trusted protocol, Maker has to be more conservative. It would be unlikely for them to pass a governance proposal to invest the ETH tokens staked in ETH-A in a Yearn vault, for example.


Parrot can be thought of as DeFi 2.0. Our mission goes beyond the stablecoin. If users stake SOL into our vault to generate stablecoin, we certainly would feel responsible to earn yields on behalf of our SOL stakers.

而Parrot可以被视为是DeFi 2.0的产物,我们的使命远远不止开发一个稳定币这么简单。如果用户通过在我们的机枪池中质押SOL来获得稳定币收益,我们理所当然地认为我们有义务为质押SOL的用户谋求更高收益。

So Parrot stablecoin vaults would combine the attributes of Maker and Yearn.


Q4: What are some of the pledge planned to be supported on Parrot? And what are the differences between the pledges?

Q4:Parrot 计划支持的抵押品类型有哪些?不同的抵押品之间有什么区别?

For the stablecoin we will support crypto assets with good liquidity. SOL, BTC, ETH are the obvious ones.


Then we’d want to take interest bearing forms of these tokens. For BTC there is ibBTC from Badger DAO. For ETH there is stETH from LIDO. For SOL, Certus is also building a yield-bearing wrapped SOL.

随后,我们将会支持这些稳定币的生息通证。对BTC我们会发行Badger DAO的ibBTC,对ETH则有LIDO的stETH。对于SOL,Certus也正在开发生息的封装SOL资产。

Q5: Does Parrot adopt any price oracle? How do you consider the problem of price deviation caused by single oracle pricing, like the incident of 90 million dollars being liquidated on Compound before?

Q5:Parrot 是否采用了预言机喂价机制?您如何看待单一预言机报价引发的价格偏差问题,比如 Compound 之前出现的 9000 万美元被清算事件?

Price oracle is an especially complex issue. For the stablecoin PAI, in particular, the protocol can bear more risks to liquidate users slower. For example, DAI’s price feed updates are delayed by an hour to give users more time to adjust their collateral ratio to prevent liquidation events.


It’s somewhat more acceptable in the case of a stablecoin to have bad debt, as the protocol can generate more stablecoin by selling its governance token to make up the difference.It’s a nice tradeoff to delay liquidations, so users’ funds stay safu.

 人们对稳定币的坏账容忍度更高,原因就在于协议可以通过出售它的治理 token 生成更多稳定币来弥补损失。延迟清算时间实际上是一种很好的折中方案,同时用户的资产安全性也可以提高。

The lending marketplace has different needs for price feed though. Liquidation needs to happen more quickly, to prevent actual lender losses.


Combining price feeds from multiple sources ( FTX, BitThumb, Coinbase, Binance, o nietc.) would help to make the system more stable.Using TWAP (time weighted average price) would also smooth out short-term noise.

 聚合来自FTX, BitThumb, Coinbase, Binance等多方的价格信息将会使整个体系更加稳定。通过TWAP(时间加权均价)对函数做平滑处理,可以降低短期波动对总体趋势的影响。

The Parrot team implemented the Chainlink+Solana integration. We’ll be working closely with Chainlink to improve the reliability & stability of the price feeds.


Q6: Following the previous question, why does Parrot choose to join the Solana ecosystem rather than the other public chains? What position does Parrot hold in the Solana ecosystem?

Q6:接着上述问题,相比于其他公链,Parrot 为什么会选择加入 Solana 生态?Parrot 在 Solana 生态中的定位是什么?

It was friends telling us “hey Solana is super cool, you should try to build something on it”.

当时朋友告诉我们“ 嘿 Solana 非常酷,你应该尝试在它的基础上搭建一些东西”。

We tried the Serum DEX, and were blown away by the experience. We didn’t think that a DEX could come so closely to the user experience of a CEX. We read the Serum DEX code, and thought that it’s an amazing piece of work. So if people smarter than us have gone all in on Solana, why not give it a try?

 我们尝试了 Serum DEX,并被当时的体验感到震惊。我们没想到作为一个 DEX 可以如此接近中心化交易的用户体验。我们阅读了Serum DEX 代码,并认为这是一项了不起的工作。因此,如果比我们聪明的人都已经把全都精力投入了Solana,我们为什么不尝试一下呢?

We found that the people we meet in the Solana community are interesting to talk to. They have interesting ideas, and want to see what new things can be built on Solana.

 我们发现,在 Solana 社区遇到的人很有趣。他们有有趣的想法,并探索可以在Solana上构建什么新的事物。

The Parrot team really cares about design and usability. Engineering is fun, but ultimately it should serve user needs. Solana right now feels like the early years of ETH DApp, the UX is terrible. It takes some time for the community to figure out the good UX patterns, and we hope to push forward the usability front a little bit.

 Parrot 团队非常关心设计和可用性,创新和创造非常有趣,但最终它应该可以满足用户的需求。现在,Solana 感觉就像是 ETH DApp 的早期,用户体验太糟糕了。社区需要花费一些时间来找出好的模式,我们希望在可用性方面有所发展。

Oh, and the PAI stablecoin will be everywhere in the Solana DeFi ecosystem.

PAI 稳定币将在 Solana DeFi 生态系统中无处不在。

Q7:For value capturing, what is the tokenomics of Parrot , and how do you stimulate the users to hold your tokens in the long run? What are some application scenarios of your token?

 Q7:关于价值捕获方面,Parrot 的 token 经济模型是如何设计的,如何去激励用户长期持有 token , token 有哪些应用场景?

Value accrual will be important for the long-term sustainability of the protocol.


Stability fees collected from the minted stablecoin will be used to purchase PRT from the open market. Instead of burning the PRT, the protocol will reward network participants with the purchased PRT.


The lending and leverage trading products are businesses created on top of the base protocol. They will generate fees, and reward network participants.


Q8: What are the following plans of Parrot? Will you establish any governance token? Any new product being launched? Will you cooperate with the projects for greater development?

Q5:Parrot 接下来会有哪些计划?会发布治理 token 吗?会有新的产品推出吗?会和其他项目进行合作发展吗?

The stablecoin will be launched soon.We’ll start building the lending product as well, aiming for a July release.

稳定币即将推出。我们将开始搭建借贷产品,目标是在 7 月份发布。

The governance token gPRT will require staking. The longer the staking period the greater the voting power and mining boost you’ll have.There are many partnerships, of course. Announcements soon : )

治理 token  gPRT 将需要质押,用户质押的时间越长,获得的投票权和挖矿能力也会越强。当然,我们也会有很多合作伙伴,之后会发布更多的公告。


1. Considering cross-chain, what is Parrot's LP difference from other projects? 

1、请问Parrot的LP token 的跨链链接和其他跨链项目有什么区别吗?

Cross-chain projects today generally deal with the raw crypto assets, such as wrapping BTC as wBTC on Ethereum, or dealing with various forms of USDTs issued on different chains (e.g. nerve finance).

现在的跨链项目一般都是处理原始的加密资产,比如在以太坊上将 BTC 包装成 wBTC,或者处理不同链上发行的各种形式的 USDT(例如神经金融)。

Parrot's cross-chain strategy is more application-level, similar to how Sushi bootstrapped their TVL using Uniswap LP tokens. We use whatever bridging infrastructure that is available.

Parrot 的跨链策略更多是应用层面的,类似于 Sushi 如何使用 Uniswap LP  token 引导他们的 TVL。我们使用任何可用的桥接基础设施。

2. Will you have other ecology deployment except for Solana?


We will focus on Solana for our initial growth. We think multichain DeFi is the future, and when we are ready we will listen to the community to see which chain they would want us to deploy to. Prior to building on Solana, our team has deep exeperience with EVM / Solidity as well.

我们将专注于 Solana 的初始增长。我们认为多链 DeFi 是未来,当我们准备好时,我们将听取社区的意见,看看他们希望我们部署到哪个链。在构建 Solana 之前,我们的团队在 EVM/Solidity 方面也拥有丰富的经验。


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