Shyft打破传统数据存储边界,创建价值共享新生态 | 火星总编时刻NO.103

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文 | Kazafa

4月2日20:00,火星总编时刻第103期在火星社群展开直播,对话主题「Shyft打破传统数据存储边界,创建价值共享新生态 」,由火星财经商务记者Kazafa对话Shyft Network Co-Founder, CEO of PerseID,通过问答的方式,带你一同深入了解Shyft Network 。



1.首先,非常欢迎 Bruce Silcoff 做客火星总编时刻,请 Bruce Silcoff 先为大家介绍一下自己以及目前在Shyft中所担任的工作。

First of all,Please introduce yourself

Bruce Silcoff:My name is Bruce Silcoff and I am a Co-Founder of Shyft, Head of Enterprise and Global Services, and CEO of PerseID.

我叫Bruce Silcoff,我是Shyft的联合创始人,企业和全球服务主管以及PerseID的首席执行官。

I am a serial entrepreneur with a 30+ year proven track record of success across more than 25 businesses. I have always been focused on incubating game-changing technology solutions that solve real world problems. I am currently consumed by all disruptive blockchain solutions.


Before joining the management team at Shyft, I was a pioneer in the loyalty industry, managing some of the world’s most recognized reward programs with over 300 million customers from over 100 countries. Loyalty programs involve alternative currencies and are all about big data. As such we were doing innovative things like digital wallets and predictive modelling long before ApplePay and AI were made popular.


I was first attracted to Shyft as a seed investor because I recognized the potential behind the pioneering vision to use blockchain technology as a more efficient and secure KYC/AML solution. As I learned more about blockchain and its transformative power, I knew that the world was headed for a paradigm SHYFT and I wanted to be at the leading edge of this next industrial revolution…so I joined the company full time and am now a proud member of Team Shyft!

我首先被Shyft吸引为种子投资人,因为我认识到将区块链技术用作更高效,更安全的KYC / AML解决方案这一开创性愿景背后的潜力。随着我对区块链及其变革能力的了解越来越多,我知道世界正朝着SHYFT所希望的范式前进,我想成为下一次工业革命的领先者……所以我全职加入了公司,现在是一名自豪的成员Shyft团队的成员!

I bring value to the company by leveraging my experience, thought leadership, strategic guidance and an expansive network for collaborative partnership opportunities.


Please note that I am not the CTO, so to set the table, answers to technical questions will be top line and more from a business perspective.


2.Shyft Network选择个人隐私数据赛道的初心是什么?

Why would Shyft choose privacy data in the beginning?

Bruce Silcoff:There is a famous proverb that goes “necessity is the mother of invention” which means that the impetus behind most new inventions is a need.


When it comes to today’s most valuable commodity, DATA, there is a scary epidemic occurring in terms of the way we manage, store and disseminate data. Every day, over 25 million data records are compromised globally. As such, there is a desperate call out for help and need for a viable solution.


Fortunately for us at Shyft…we have the remedy!


In 2017, around the time of Equifax’s famous data breach where the personal information of 147 million people was exposed, the founders of Shyft were in need of a better KYC/AML compliance solution for their remittance business and started drafting a visionary whitepaper that provided details around the creation of a blockchain-based, decentralized protocol for the more efficient and secure interoperable exchange of KYC/AML data.

2017年,大约在Equifax著名的数据泄露事件中,暴露了1.47亿人的个人信息时,Shyft的创始人就其汇款业务需要更好的KYC / AML合规解决方案,并开始起草有远见的白皮书,以提供详细信息围绕基于区块链的去中心化协议的创建,以更有效,更安全地互操作KYC / AML数据。

Very soon after the white paper started being drafted, we realized that the intended protocol did not have to be restricted to simply KYC/AML data but rather could be used without limit as a better data super-highway for the interoperable exchange of any form of validated data (ie. Identity, credentials, hospital records, voter authentication, credit score, asset valuations, etc.). This was a wow moment for us that garnered a lot of attention from business, government and regulatory communities worldwide.

在起草白皮书后不久,我们意识到预期的协议并不仅限于简单的KYC / AML数据,而是可以不受限制地用作更好的数据高速公路,以实现任何形式的互操作交换经验证的数据(即身份,凭证,医院记录,选民身份验证,信用评分,资产评估等)。这对我们来说是一个令人赞叹的时刻,引起了全球企业,政府和监管机构的广泛关注。

 3.相比于传统中心化数据存储,您认为Shyft Network具有怎样的突出优势足以打动消费者,更改他们的使用习惯,从而选择Shyft Network?

Compare to centralized solution, what do you think that Shyft has comparative advantages to convince user to use our product and also changing the way how people interact?

 Bruce Silcoff:There is evidence abound that demonstrates the many flaws inherent in centralized solutions when it comes to data management.


Shyft is disrupting the broken way our world thinks about and manages digital identity and related data. Shyft is a modern, secure permission based Blockchain ecosystem solution that enables attested data transfers between those who own the data and those who use it while building credible reputations within a more trusted and efficient framework.

Shyft正在颠覆我们思考和管理数字身份及相关数据的思维方式。 Shyft是一种基于安全许可的现代、安全的区块链生态系统解决方案,可在拥有数据的人和使用数据的人之间进行经过验证的数据传输,同时在更受信任和高效的框架内树立可信的声誉。

Shyft holds the potential to streamline and simplify data collection, reduce cost and minimize the risks inherent in traditional compliance systems while making the global economy accessible for all.


Shyft’s functionality is intended to facilitate entirely new data marketplaces that empower individual users through an opt-in consent framework that protects their personally identifiable data.


Lastly, and most importantly, Shyft is not just a dream and is far more than a whitepaper vision as is the case with most other blockchain projects. Shyft Network has been built, our mainnet launched last week and the network is currently functioning. We also have customers and use cases to drive future revenue. As an open-source protocol that is network agnostic, we are inviting to many dApp developers and entrepreneurs that are incubators of leading-edge solutions and we will continue to be at the forefront of innovation thanks also to an incredibly talented visionary leadership team and strategic support from an industry best team of advisors.

最后,也是最重要的是,Shyft不仅是一个梦想,而且远远超过了白皮书的愿景,就像其他大多数区块链项目一样。 Shyft网络已建立,我们的主网已于上周启动,该网络目前正在运行。我们也有客户和用例来驱动未来的收入。作为与网络无关的开放源协议,我们邀请许多领先的解决方案孵化器的dApp开发人员和企业家,并且我们将继续处于创新的最前沿,这还要归功于极富才华的远见卓识的领导团队和战略业界最佳顾问团队的支持。

4.说到数据存储大家很难绕开IPFS,您认为Shyft Network和IPFS相比有何不同?

In terms of data solution, it is hard to not mention IPFS, so what’s your opinion on the differences between Shyft and IPFS?

Bruce Silcoff:Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is a protocol network for the storing and sharing data in a distributed file system. Shyft is a system that can utilize the storage of such decentralized systems by associating their file hashes with specific attestations relating to the origination & ownership of said data. Eventually, Shyft will directly allow sales of these data pieces via escrow contracts & on-chain contestation resolution.

星际文件系统(IPFS)是用于在分布式文件系统中存储和共享数据的协议网络。 Shyft是一个系统,可以通过将这样的分布式系统的文件散列与有关所述数据的原始和所有权的特定证明相关联来利用这种分散系统的存储。最终,Shyft将通过代管合同和链上竞争解决方案直接允许销售这些数据。

5.Shyft Network是一个公共区块链协议。那从安全层面上来说Shyft Network一定是基于区块链的独有特性来确保数据的存储安全。但回顾区块链发展的过往中,区块链技术并不是绝对不可破解的,也存在一些黑客攻击事件。那Shyft Network是否存在这类风险?在安全层面Shyft Network还做了哪些努力?

Shyft is a public blockchain protocol, so in terms of security, Shyft network based on the property/nature of blockchain to ensure safety. But when we look back on the previous development of blockchain, it is not invincible and there were hacker events. So, does Shyft also expose to such risks? What have we done for safety improvement?

Bruce Silcoff:Without diving into very technical details, I will use generalized logic and point out fundamental differences to answer this question.


Today, most institutions and businesses hold centralized databases prone to cyberattacks. They are coping with rising costs due to more complex compliance and are struggling with systemic inefficiencies and timeliness of data collection.


While blockchain may not be perfect, there is no doubt that it offers a much more secure and efficient alternative to the outdated thinking behind centralized technologies and the siloing of data. In addition to the benefits of decentralization and the ability to “spread your valuable data across multiple separated vaults”, the additional security afforded by cryptography and enhanced trust based on validation by consensus rather than from a central or single authority, the risks of fraud and theft are drastically minimized with Shyft.


In terms of the tech itself, Shyft Network is an open blockchain, just as transparent as Ethereum or Bitcoin. Its code is, for the most part, open source and has been audited by two of the most reputable firms in the space to provide even more confidence.

就技术本身而言,Shyft Network是一个开放的区块链,就像以太坊或比特币一样透明。它的代码在大多数情况下是开源的,并且已经由该领域中两个最负盛名的公司进行了审核,这极大提升了用户使用它的信心。

6.任何一个生态想要良性持续发展,激励机制是必不可少的,Shyft Network是如何打造一个信息数据经济闭环?

In any healthy ecosystem, incentive mechanism is inevitable, so how is Shyft going to build a closed-loop of info data economy? 

Bruce Silcoff:Shyft Network is a decentralized project that has baked into its distribution several community incentives. More than 20% of the total token supply is allocated to the exploration and creation of new use cases and integrations. Shyft is as good as its network of VASPs and users, so we are heavily planning on building incentive structures for developers and new solutions.

Shyft Network是一个分布式的项目,已经在社区中推广了一些激励措施。代币供应总量的20%以上分配给了新用例和集成的探索和创建。 Shyft与其VASP和用户网络一样出色,因此我们正在大力计划为开发人员和新解决方案建立激励结构。

We're taking a look at the current DAO technology offerings from our partners in the ecosystem, as one of the aspects of the Shyft Network's ecosystem and user interaction economy is the Shyft Community DAO - this is funded from the network inflation to establish a permanent source of capability for the Shyft community.


We will be using co-branded interfaces and/or forks of their codebases if it's relevant, and basically following in the footsteps of giants in the space (Aragon, Metis, etc.) to allow our community to interact with these levels.


We'll also be producing excellent user interfaces for users to be able to manage & keep track of various SHFT rewards & incentivized platform behaviours.


One of our key areas of focus post launch is to build a rich network of service providers and partners that bring more users to the network and offer more and better products and services.


7.Shyft Network代币SHFT会选择上怎样的交易所呢?

Which centralized exchange will SHFT choose to be listed?

Bruce Silcoff:We don’t engage in listings. Exchanges determine on their own and independently what tokens they choose to list.


8.可以为大家透漏一下目前Shyft Network发展的进度以及下一阶段的计划吗?

Would you like to introduce whats the current development and future planning of Shyft?

Bruce Silcoff:As we launched our mainnet only last week, our focus has been on establishing a proper launch procedure with community interactions. Further out, our tech stack on the smart contract level will allow us to establish a never before seen level of optionality in compliance and general transaction routing capabilities on chain.


Our first two products slated for launch in 2021are:

1- Veriscope: This is the exchange based VASP tooling that allows exchanges to securely and safely establish cutting edge communication & verification channels for securely sending critical info back and forth between parties – will be used to facilitate compliance with FATF’s Travel Rule

2- Perseid: This is our government digital ID framework solution.


1- Veriscope:这是基于交易的VASP工具,可让交易安全而安全地建立最前沿的通信和验证渠道,以安全地在各方之间来回发送重要信息–将用于促进遵守FATF的旅行规则

2- Perseid:这是我们的政府数字ID框架解决方案。

 After that…there are unlimited possibilities!






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