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火星总编时刻第99期文字稿出炉了,本期对话主题「Nimbus 给DeFi生态注入新活力」,快来通过嘉宾的分享了解更多关于Nimbus的讯息吧~

文 | Kazafa

12月19日20:00,火星总编时刻第99期在火星社群直播展开,对话主题「Nimbus 给DeFi生态注入新活力」,由火星财经商务记者Kazafa对话Nimbus CMO Alexandra Serebrennikova,通过问答的方式,带你一同深入了解Nimbus。



kazafa:非常欢迎Nimbus CMO Alexandra Serebrennikova做客火星总编时刻,请Serebrennikova先介绍一下自己。

welcome to join mars finance AMA, please introduce yourself Serebrennikova.

Alexandra:Hello Kazafa and thanks for having me today. My name is Alexandra Serebrennikova, I’m the Chief Marketing Officer at Nimbus.

During my work experience, I have always been specializing in Marketing and Business development. With the background of working with more than 10 International Fintech Companies, now I am very proud to be a part of the Nimbus team to bring this project to different markets all over the world.

您好Kazafa,感谢您的邀请。 我叫Alexandra Serebrennikova,是Nimbus的首席营销官。

在我的工作经验中,我一直专注于市场营销和业务开发。 在与10多家国际金融科技公司合作的背景下,现在我很自豪能够成为Nimbus团队的一员,将这个项目推向世界各地的不同市场。


In 2020, DeFi has been a hot spot, but as time goes by, the popularity of DeFi has gradually receded. What do you think is the reason that hinders the development and growth of DeFi?

Alexandra:I believe that the growth of DeFi is not hindered by anythithing in particular. The industry is simply following a classical cycle that any new technology undergoes. Just as any new development, it should undergo a stage of explosive growth boosted by hype, then a stage of a decline as the expectations of the public were too inflated, and then finally a stage where it gains traction and achieves stable growth that would last over time. Currently, we’re somewhere in between the second and the third stage. 

So what we see now, is simply the maturing of the industry and cleansing from all the projects that did not offer real value to users. Instead, soon, I believe, we shall see more companies like Nimbus that bring tangible use cases and that further boost the genuine adoption of DeFi. So let’s prepare for a more stable growth and admit that DeFi is here to stay.

我认为,DeFi的增长不会受到任何特别的阻碍。 该行业只是遵循任何新技术需要经历的周期。 就像任何新发展一样,它应该经历由炒作推动的爆炸性增长阶段,然后由于公众的期望过高而下降的阶段,最后才是最终获得牵引力并实现随着时间的推移,持续稳定增长的阶段。 目前,我们处于第二阶段和第三阶段之间。

因此,我们现在所看到的仅仅是行业的走向成熟和对所有没有为用户提供真正价值的项目的洗礼。 相反,我相信不久之后,我们将看到像Nimbus这样的更多公司带来实际的用例,并进一步推动DeFi的真正落地使用。 因此,让我们为更稳定的增长做准备,并承认DeFi将继续存在。

kazafa:您认为Nimbus 在整个DeFi生态中扮演怎样一个角色,对DeFi会带来怎样的变化?

What role do you think Nimbus plays in the entire DeFi ecosystem and what changes will it bring to DeFi?

Alexandra:First of all, Nimbus is not a company that is trying to leverage the DeFi hype. We’re here to bring really useful functionality to people that shall be relevant for years to come. We’re here to help DeFi to go to the next level of adoption and enroot in people’s lives.

Ever since we launched in 2019, we always had one mission: to provide people with digital wealth-creating tools that would be accessible to everyone, no matter their background and the asset amount they have. That’s why today, as we launch this new DeFi functionality to our 50,000 users, we want to make it as user-friendly, realistic, and simple as we can. That’s also why, unlike many DeFi projects, we base most of our solutions on financial tools that have proven their efficiency over decades and that everybody knows - be it IPOs, Startup Financing, and so on. 

All in all, we make the best tools of traditional finance accessible to anyone - even in crypto! Moreover, we decentralize them in order to increase their efficiency and make all of them accessible within just one platform and via just one token: NUS. The NUS token shall be launched on December 21 so everybody’s welcome to come and get it!



总而言之,我们使任何人都可以用上传统金融的最佳工具-即是加密货币!此外,我们融入分布式以提高其效率,并使它们都可以在一个平台内仅需持有NUS代币就可以进行访问。 NUS令牌将于12月21日发布,因此欢迎大家来参加!


Nimbus landed in China for the first time. Our Chinese users are very curious, what kind of project is Nimbus?

Alexandra:Nimbus was launched in 2019 and accumulated 50,000 users as of today. Now, we are an established Fintech company with a reputable international team and a year-long track-record of offering blockchain-based financial tools to the market. 

Our goal has always been to open up the best financial tools to everyone in the world and make them available in crypto with higher efficiency. That’s why, as a logical step in our development strategy, we’re launching a new decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem of dApps with 10 earning strategies for users based on real-world use cases - from P2P loans to IPOs and crowdfunding.

At our launch in December 2020, we shall list the first of our three new tokens, NUS token, at Uniswap and make our first two dApps available to the public: Crypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp and P2P Lending dApp. For this, we already have pending tech and security audits from top blockchain auditor firms such as Zokyo and pending agreements with liquidity providers.

Nimbus于2019年推出,到今天为止已累积50,000个用户。 现在,我们是一家成熟的金融科技公司,拥有一支知名的团队,并且在为市场提供基于区块链的金融工具方面拥有长达一年的往绩。

我们的目标一直是向全世界的每个人开放最好的金融工具,并使其以更高的加密效率提供。 因此,作为我们发展战略中合乎逻辑的一步,我们将启动一个新的DAPP分散式金融(DeFi)生态系统,其中包含10种基于现实世界用例的用户获利策略-从贷款到IPO和众筹。

在2020年12月发布时,我们将在Uniswap中列出我们的三个新代币中的第一个,即NUS代币,并向公众公开我们的前两个DAPP:量化交易DAPP和借贷DAPP。 为此,我们已经有来自顶级区块链审计公司(例如Zokyo)的未决技术和安全审计,以及与流动性提供商的未决协议。

kazafa:Nimbus 所推出的4款DAPP 的主要功能是什么,研发这4款DAPP的初心是什么?

What are the main functions of the 4 DAPPs launched by Nimbus, and what was the original intention of developing these 4 DAPPs?

Alexandra:The original goal was to offer multiple revenue streams for users in one spot so they don’t have to switch between different solutions and different native tokens, thus wasting time and money. 

Nimbus shall offer 10 earning strategies for users in DAO-governed ecosystem. This becomes possible thanks to the 4 dApps that we’ll launch: 

1. Crypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp - an arbitrage and trading tool that’s been in use for nearly a year now and accumulated 50,000 users. Now it comes in a decentralized form which mitigates risks and optimizes rewards, no matter the crypto sum user has.

This dApp is available starting from December 21 - check it out on Nimbus Platform!

2. P2P Lending dApp - a P2P lending tool that leverages both tried-and-true traditional lending mechanics and the best practices in DeFi. It provides different lending and borrowing options based on risk-adjusted criteria: 

- Participate in multiple pool types: P2P Pool / Subordinated pool / Consolidated pool

- Choose between different collateral mechanics and sums

- Pick your preferred lending and pay-back option

- Enjoy localized matching for direct selection of lenders and borrowers

This dApp is available starting from December 21 - check it out on Nimbus Platform!

3. Crowdfunding dApp - unique decentralized tool enabling anyone with crypto to participate in startups crowdfunding in a regulated and secure way. Global Users can participate in pools with access to convertible notes and startup equity and enjoy sophisticated due diligence evaluation processes and automatic asset distribution, usage, and accountability via Smart Contracts. Moreover, the startups to be accepted into the pool are also voted on by DAO participants.

4.IPO hub dApp - unique tool enabling global users with any crypto sums to participate in IPOs. Now anybody can have 1-click access to IPOs without paying extra fees and enjoy sophisticated evaluation mechanisms and all analytics in one spot. Moreover, the IPOs to be accepted into the pool are also voted on by DAO participants.





2. 借贷dApp-一个借贷工具,它利用了久经考验的传统借贷机制和DeFi中的最佳实践。它根据风险调整后的标准提供不同的借贷选择:






3. Crowdfunding dApp-独特的去中心化工具,使拥有加密货币的任何人都能以受监管和安全的方式参与创业公司的众筹。全全局用户可以参与,以获取可转换和启动资产,并通过智能合约享受复杂的尽职调查评估流程以及自动资产分配,使用和问责制。此外,DAO参与者还可以对将要进入池中的初创公司进行投票。

4. IPO枢纽dApp-独特的工具,可使持有任何加密金额的全球用户参与IPO。现在,任何人都可以一键访问IPO,而无需支付额外费用,并且可以享受完善的评估机制和所有分析功能。此外,DAO参与者还可对将要进行的IPO投票。

kazafa:Nimbus 发行的token是什么,会选择上怎样的交易所?

What is the token issued by Nimbus and what kind of exchange will you choose?

Alexandra:On December 21, we launch our first token NUS. It shall be listed on Uniswap and also directly available on the Nimbus Platform. 

NUS lets you grow your wealth via 10 different pools with clear revenue generation behind them, e.g:

IPO participation pools

Startup financing pools

3 different P2P lending pools

Arbitrage-Trading bot with 50,000 users

In future, NUS will also enable anyone to acquire Nimbus Governance tokens, GNUS, that will be launched in Q1 2020. GNUS holders will receive shares of Nimbus Platform revenues and be able to partake in the Nimbus platform governance process. Only 10% of GNUS will be left to the Nimbus Organization to ensure true platform control decentralization.

12月21日,我们将推出第一个代币NUS。 它会上线Uniswap,也可以直接在Nimbus平台上购买。






将来,NUS还将使任何人都能够获取将于2020年第一季度推出的Nimbus 治理代币GNUS。GNUS持有者将获得Nimbus Platform收益的份额,并能够参与Nimbus平台治理流程。 仅有10%的GNUS留给Nimbus团队,确保真正的社区自治。

kazafa:Nimbus 将传统借贷机制与DeFi相结合,您认为这样的结合最大优势是什么?

Nimbus combines the traditional lending mechanism with DeFi. What do you think is the biggest advantage of this combination?

Alexandra:Access to traditional financial mechanics, such as IPO participation, gives our Platform simplicity and reliability, as most people already know how those things work and how beneficial they are. But DeFi aspects give us security, transparency, and efficiency, to further enhance the opportunities that traditional finance has in store. 

The biggest advantage is that those traditional tools have proved their efficiency over decades now. But unfortunately, many opportunities, such as IPO participation, are still out of access for common people. So what Nimbus does is open up those amazing opportunities, but in a different, improved way. 

First of all, we open it up for common people, no matter who they are and how much assets they have. And not just that: we finally make it available in crypto!

At the same time, we reinvent the way users participate in these opportunities. We give users control over their assets as everything is based on audited Smart Contracts and governed by DAO with only 10% of governance tokens left to the Nimbus Organization. This provides genuine decentralization and transparency. 

And finally, thanks to the DeFi pool mechanics, any user can enjoy risk mitigation and reward optimization for each opportunity. This way the portfolio gets diversified and users even with the smallest sum of crypto can participate with improved outcomes!






kazafa:2020年已接近尾声,新的一年Nimbus 有什么清晰的路线与目标?

Alexandra:2020 is coming to an end. What clear route and goal does Nimbus have in the new year?

December 21 is the most important date for all of us now. Our 50,000 can’t wait to use our DeFi functionality and we’re happy to finally release it! 

1) NUS token listing:

December 21, we shall list the NUS token, which opens up 10 earning strategies for users, at Uniswap! We shall also make it available on our website here: Don’t miss the beneficial conditions!

2) Two dApps release:

On the same date, we also launch our first two dApps: Crypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp and P2P Lending dApp. Other two dApps will follow in 2021 and we also plan to integrate seamlessly with 3rd party dApps, too, and add more proprietary dApps as we grow. All of these shall be launched December 21st with full security and efficiency - so don’t miss out!

3) New Referral Program Kick-off:

We have also finalized the new Referral program and it shall be launched within the next few days. The program shall include 6 referral levels and offer up to 10% Rewards from the transactions that your Referees make! This program is truly beneficial for all participants - including in the long run, so be sure to track our updates on Wechat group or our Telegram News Channel: and join once we go Live!

4) New Ambassador program:

We invite all Key Opinion Leaders in the blockchain and DeFi space to join our Ambassador program! Your mission will be to enlighten people on how they can benefit from DeFi and Nimbus in particular. Let the world know about what’s coming! More detail in our Wechat group (see the poster below).

In the long term, Nimbus aims to become a one-stop-shop that bridges digital assets to investment products for global users and provides access to additional asset-classes and investment products - e.g. Pre-IPO Secondary Markets Equities and Fixed-Income Participation. You can find more details in our Roadmap










我们邀请区块链和DeFi领域的所有意见领袖,KOL等加入我们的大使计划! 您的任务将是启发人们特别是如何从DeFi和Nimbus中受益。 让全世界知道Nimbus即将发生的事情!可以查看我们的招募海报,并添加客服咨询。





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