火星专访 | RSK吴明洋:收购Taringa社交软件,让比特币植根于拉丁美洲和西班牙3000 万用户心中

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火星财经专访了IOVLabs 的首席执行官 Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar(吴明洋),了解了关于这次收购Taringa,以及RSK发展相关的情况。

On September 24, 2019, IOV Labs, which created RSK smart contract platform and RIF tokens, announced the acquisition of Taringa, a Spanish social network. Taringa has 30 million users and more than 1,000 active online communities. IOVLabs and Taringa's leadership plan to use RSK's distributed infrastructure to create innovative consumer products and services for their communities.

IOV Labs is a dedicated institution focusing on the platform necessary for the development of new financial systems based on block chains to achieve global financial inclusion and fill the gap between these emerging technologies and large-scale applications. At present, RSK intelligent contract network and RIF OS platform are being developed.

RSK network is the safest intelligent contract platform in the world because it relies on the power of Bitcoin. RIF OS protocol is an open source and de-centralized infrastructure protocol, which enables faster, easier and scalable development of distributed applications (dApp) in a unified environment to achieve large-scale bitcoin and RSK applications.

Mars Finance and Economics interviewed Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar (Wu Mingyang), CEO of IOV Labs, to learn about the takeover of Taringa and the development of RSK.

2019年9月24日,创造RSK智能合约平台和 RIF代币的IOV Labs,宣布收购了西班牙语社交网络Taringa。Taringa拥有 3000 万用户和 1000 多个活跃在线社区。IOVLabs和 Taringa 的领导层一起策划利用 RSK 的分布式基础设施为其社区创造创新的消费者产品和服务。

IOV Labs 是一家专设机构,专注于为基于区块链的全新金融系统开发必须的平台,以实现全球金融包容性,并填补这些新兴技术与大规模应用之间的差距。当前在开发RSK 智能合约网络和RIF OS平台。

RSK 网络是世界上最安全的智能合约平台,因为它信赖比特币的算力。RIF OS 协议是一套开源和去中心化的基础设施协议,可在统一环境中实现分布式应用程序 (dApp) 的更快、更轻松和可扩展的开发,以实现大规模的比特币和 RSK 应用。

火星财经专访了IOVLabs 的首席执行官 Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar(吴明洋),了解了关于这次收购Taringa,以及RSK发展相关的情况。


Mars Finance:In China, it is not a clear perception of RSK formost of the people. Is RSK a sidechain for Bitcoin or a smart contract platformlike Ethereum? Can you briefly explain what is RSK?


Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar:RSK is the first smart contract platform secured by the BitcoinNetwork.It was implemented as a sidechain to Bitcoin to have full alignment ofinterest with the Bitcoin ecosystem. That's why the native currency of RSK(rBTC) is pegged 1 to 1 with Bitcoin.RSK programming language (Solidity) andit's interfaces (RPC & Web3) are fully compatible with Ethereum.So anyEthereum application can be run on RSK and be secured by the Bitcoin Network.


Mars Finance:IOVLabs acquired the Spanish social network Taringa.Why a social network platform? Why Taringa? In this way, IOVLabs acquire Taringa’susers, but it doesn’t mean these users can directly convert to RSK’s. What isthe specific plan about how to make use of the Taringa’s users? And what is theoverall development plan of IOVLabs?


Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar:One little correction is that Taringa is a Spanish speaking socialnetwork but it covers all Latin America and Spain.On one side Taringa isbroadly know all over Latin America and Spain so it will put Bitcoin, RSK andthe RIF services in minds of millions of users in the region.On one sideTaringa is broadly know all over Latin America and Spain so it will putBitcoin, RSK and the RIF services in minds of millions of users in theregion.In terms of the integration process the first step is to integrate thecurrent interactions of the platform into the RSK & RIF Platforms. Thefollowing step is to give all the users access to crypto wallet that later willbe use to create sharing economies based con content creation and advertising.Later all the infrastructure of Taringa will be ported to RIF decentralizedservices and the RIF Marketplace will be integrated to facilitate commercewithin the community.


Mars Finance:RSK's previous positioning was the bitcoinsidechain. From the current price fluctuations of BTC, people are more willingto invest, instead of pay, so the transactions frequently happen in exchanges ratherthan networks. Whether the demand for Bitcoin sidechains, or lighting networkswill trend to be increasingly smaller? Will RSK repositioning for futuredevelopment?


Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar:RSK strong position is to be the Bitcoin backed smart contractplatform and as such it can extend the Bitcoin Ecosystem into becoming a fullblown Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Ecosystem. As part of this in the followingmonths RSK partners are releasing stable assets backed by rBTC and RIF. Whenyou combine this with RIF Lumino Payments you have the perfect platform for allkind of Fintech applications.

吴明洋:RSK的核心地位是成为比特币支持的智能合约平台,因此它可以将比特币生态系统扩展为一个完整的去中心化金融(DeFi)生态系统。RSK的合作伙伴正在释放由RBTC和RIF支持的稳定资产作为未来几个月的重要工作。结合这一点与RIF Lumino支付,你就会拥有一个完美的平台,支持所有类型的金融科技应用。

Mars Finance:How many bitcoin HashRate does RSK currently possessand how did you get that? BCH hard forks have cast a shadow on the industry previously,how will RSK avoid the potential risk? In addition, does RBTC who anchored BTC in1:1 indirectly cause the BTC inflation? Does this violate the original spiritof BTC? In addition, why do people need to mergemining? What are the advantages of merge mining?

火星财经:RSK目前拥有多少比特币的算力?这些算力是如何获取的?此前BCH硬分叉让行业蒙受阴影,RSK将会如何避免算力攻击的情况? 1:1锚定BTC推出了RBTC,是否变相地让BTC发生了通胀?这是否不符合BTC原本的精神?另外,人们为什么需要合并挖矿?合并挖矿的优势在哪里?

DiegoGutierrez Zaldivar:Currently RSK hashrate fluctuates between30% and 60% of the hashing power of Bitcoin. Recently additional mining poolswith additional 10% integrated so RSK can potentially be secured by 70% of thehashing power of Bitcoin.In order to obtain that hashing power we integratedthe merge mining module in the top Bitcoin pool softwares and optimize them toavoid any efficiency loss on the Bitcoin side.RSK always follows the longestchain so forks wouldn't be a problem for the stability of RSK. In order toobtain a smartBitcoin (rBTC) you first need to lock a BTC so the sum of thefree flowing BTCs plus the free flowing rBTCs will never exceed the maximumnumber of BTCs created.Merge mining has two positive effects. On one sideprovides Bitcoin miners with additional revenue from processing smart contractswithout any additional investment. On the other hand it enables the BitcoinEcosystem to scale and incorporate new features like smart contracts withoutcompromising the security of the base layer. With this you can have the best of both worlds hundreds of transactions per second on RSK and maximum security onBitcoin.

吴明洋:目前RSK的算力在比特币哈希的30%到60%之间波动。最近又增加了10%的矿池,这样RSK就有可能被70%的比特币算力能力所保护。为了获得这个算力,我们将合并挖掘模块集成到顶级比特币池软件中,并对其进行优化,以避免比特币方面的任何效率损失。 RSK总是遵循最长的链条,所以硬分叉不会对RSK的稳定性造成问题。为了获得smartBitcoin(rBTC)首先需要锁定一个BTC,这样自由流动的BTC和自由流动的rBTCs的总和不会超过BTC的最大数量。另外,合并挖掘有两个积极的作用。一方面,比特币矿商可以通过处理智能合同获得额外收入,而无需任何额外投资。另一方面,它使比特币生态系统能够扩展和合并新的功能比如智能合约,而不会损害底层的安全。有了它,你可以在RSK上每秒拥有数百笔交易,同时在比特币上获得最高的安全性。

Mars Finance:Why RSK is superior to Ethereum in smartcontracts layer? In fact, Ethereum is not only with large technical developers,but also the first smart contract platform. Facing with that, how will RSKcompete with Ethereum?


Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar:I wouldsay that from a functionality perspective RSK is in equal terms with Ethereumand given its full compatibly RSK can profit from all the advances of theEthereum development community. So there are two thing where RSK is trying totake the lead, on decentralization and scalability. Ethereum already has a verybig Blockchain and world state that led to the need of centralized serviceslike Infura. RSK is already well advanced in multiple compression systems andlightclients that will avoid those bottlenecks. Also RSK is planning toincorporate parallel processing of transactions and RiF Lumino Payments couldpotentially process thousands of transactions offchain solving current scalinglimitations.

吴明洋:我想说,从功能的角度来看,RSK与以太坊是平等的,而且RSK完全兼容于以太坊开发社区的所有进步,RSK可以从中获益。因此,RSK试图在两个方面起带头作用:分散化和可伸缩性。Ethereum已经有了一个非常大的区块链和世界状态,这导致了对像Infura这样的集中服务的需求。RSK在多个压缩系统和可避免这些瓶颈的轻变化方面已经非常先进。此外,RSK正计划合并交易的并行处理,而RiF Lumino Payments可以处理数千笔交易,从而有潜力解决当前规模限制。

Mars Finance:Do you think blockchain technology is suitablefor large DAPP development? In fact, there is no large DAPP successfully launcheduntil now because of the TPS. How long this situation will be continued? What kindof the developers are currently supported by RSK? Is there any successfulproject? What is the reason that developers choose RSK?


DiegoGutierrez Zaldivar:The only way toachieve high TPS preserving decentralization is by doing a combination ofon-chain compression techniques like LTCP (Lumino Transaction CompressionProtocol) and off-chain protocols like RIF Payments. With the combination ofboth the RSK/RIF can potentially process thousands of TPS. With the acquisitionof such a big Social Network we plan to prove this in real scenarios.

There are over 50 projects being built on top of RSK &RIF the solutions go from traceability for big corporations and governments tosocial impact platforms and stable assets collateralized with rBTC and RIF.

Most developers choose RSK because they see the value ofsecuring they're solutions with the biggest decentralized infrastructure in theplanet and using the most widely accepted cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

吴明洋:实现高TPS分散的唯一方法是结合链上压缩技术,如LTCP(Lumino事务压缩协议)和RIF Payments等离线协议。结合RSK/RIF可以潜在地处理成千上万的TPS。随着这样一个大的社会网络的获得,我们计划在真实场景中证明这一点。



Mars Finance:RSK is using a dual Token system. Why? Fromthe perspective of price fluctuations, RIF is not suitable for payment, then whatis the use scene of RIF and its future value? Why do people choose RIF?


Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar:The reasonfor having two tokens is that on one side RSK needs to be fully aligned withthe Bitcoin Network and therefore it's native currency has to be pegged toBitcoin to avoid creating a competition for resources with the BitcoinBlockchain. In the case of the RIF economy it was designed to be integratedwith all the major smart contract enabled cryptoeconomies so the RIF tokenneeds to be portable and independent of the native currency of each platform.Indeed we're currently creating the first 2 way bridge with Ethereum that willenable to transfer the RIF token and offer RIF services in the Ethereumecosystem.


Mars Finance:What are the development plans and goals forRSK this year? What will be done in the near future, and what new plans will bemade next year?


Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar:The planfor Q4 2019 and Q1 2020 is to finish the first implementation of the full stackof RSK and RIF protocols, open source Dapps, SDK and developers documentation.Also before the year ends we have partners launching stable assets, a logisticsplatform, a financial inclusion application built jointly with theInter-American Development Bank and an on-chain payment system integrated withthe banking system.

With that in place the next year will be fully focused ononboarding users and launching high scale projects. As part of that we willlaunch the first Taringa integration of RSK and RIF services in Q2 2020.

吴明洋:我们2019 Q4和2020 Q1的计划是完成第一个完整的RSK和RIF协议栈的实现,开源的Dapps,SDK和开发人员文档。同样在年底之前,我们还有合作伙伴将会推出稳定资产和物流平台, 与美洲开发银行共同构建的金融普惠应用程序,以及与银行系统集成的链上支付系统。有了这些,明年将完全专注于入驻用户和启动大规模项目。 为此,我们将在2020年Q2启动Taringa的RSK和RIF服务的首次集成。

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